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The Benefits You Can Get From Matcha Powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Health living is very vital as far as life is concern,it makes one to grow steady and live comfortably.In Japan there is this wonderful health tea known as matcha,it is a plant that is highly chlorophyll and its leaves are hand picked and then steamed before they are dried and crash into green powder form.It contains many health antioxidants and a cup is normally enough for one person. This tea has been used for quite a long time in Japan and it has really help the people of Japan to stay alert and strong and live for long years,no wonder the life expectancy in Japan is so high compare to other nations.

Matcha green tea powder comes with many health benefits thus why it is widely drunk,some of these health benefits include:

Fights and Prevents Cancer

Lets all face it, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in this century, it has taken many lives of late and fighting it has been a great challenge especially to the poor people but good news is here with us, this green powder is the perfect fighter and preventer of cancer. It contains antioxidants which are known to scavenge the harmful free radicals that move round the body causing cancer, it has the most strong antioxidant called catechin which contains epigallocatechin gallate which is a very powerful anti-cancer,this green powder is suitable for rich and poor and it comes with a pocket friendly price thus why fighting cancer nowadays is no longer a big deal only if you know all about this green tea,only a cup a day can prevent you from cancer.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Fats can can cause bad cholesterol hence causing difficulties in breathing but if you try this green powder tea then such high cholesterol will be history,it helps in reducing the fat accumulation in blood streams thus making it easier for one to breathe,study shows that this tea lowers serum and LDL

Reduces Weight

Flexibility is very important because it creates stability and those people who have gain unnecessary weight will tell you how difficult it is to manage your body with excess weight,you will appear old and lazy if weight exceeds your years but you should not let weight hinder your day to day activities if there is a remedy to it,green tea is known to reduce weight drastically to any level you are comfortable with,the catechins in it contains thermogenic matter which deals with fat oxidation thus reducing weight,this thermogrnic properties also helps in burning body calories.It is a very health drink for those people who are lazy to hit the gym,instead you can only choose to stay at your home and take this green powder,no wonder the people of Japan appear health and it is very difficult to get one with excess body weight.


Body detoxification is very health because it is a process that helps the body to rid out the toxins that are not needed in the body thus making your body function effectively well,this green powder tea contains chlorophyll which is good in body detoxification,it can also remove the excess gas and poison in the body,it is actually one of the health drink that our bodies badly require at all times.

Enhance Body and Mind Relaxation

Due to day to day activities your mind will tend to be slow or less active but this green body can help your mind and body relax when you are so exhausted,this green powder contains amino acid which induces alpha wave to your brains thus relaxing it and also this matcha contains some caffeine which brings high concentration.Also the alpha wave can relieve one from stress and a times lowers body pressure.

Rich in Fiber

This green tea contains a high level of absorbable fiber which helps in regulating constipation and sugar level management in our bodies thus also preventing diabetes

Energy and body building

Have you ever ask yourself why the people of Japan are so strong and very energetic?the answer to this is definitely the drinking of this green powder,it does enhance muscle growth and provides one with ultimate energy thus why if you want to tackle any hard work then you first have to take a cup of this green tea.

It is crystal clear that this matcha green powder tea is very healthy and can prevent many diseases and enhance health growth therefore try drinking a cup a day and you will never see a doctor in your life,it is available online and comes with a pocket friendly


Japanese Green Tea: Sencha

sencha green tea

Sencha green tea has lots of health benefits. This is why it has become very popular in many parts of the world. Sencha contains healthy ingredients and curative properties.

High in Antioxidants

You might have perused this word some time recently. Cell reinforcements are supernatural supplements fighting impacts of UV radiation, giving us more youthful looking skin, and keeping various life-debilitating illnesses. Cell reinforcements are something that all wellbeing cognizant people look for substances such as crude organic products, green veggies, and (how about we not overlook) dull chocolate. The principal stunning advantage of Sencha Green Tea is that only one blow away gives more times the same number of cell reinforcements as some other nourishment.

Stacked with Catechin, EGCg, helps you stay calm

Green tea contains a particular arrangement of natural mixes known as catechins. For over a thousand years, Sencha Green Tea has been utilized by Japanese Daoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist friars as a way to unwind and ponder while staying calm.

Builds Energy Levels and Endurance

Samurai, the honorable warriors of medieval and early-present day Japan, drank Sencha Green Tea before going into fight because of the tea’s stimulating properties. While all green tea actually contains caffeine, the jolt of energy got from Sencha is to a great extent because of its extraordinary blend of different supplements.

Blazes Calories

Drinking Sencha Green Tea has additionally been proved to expand digestion system and offer the body some assistance with burning fat around four times faster than normal. Once more, unlike numerous eating regimen assistants available, Sencha causes no negative reactions.

Detoxifies the Body

The subsequent large amounts of chlorophyll in Sencha Green Tea not just give this tea its delightful lively green shading, its intense detoxifier is able to do normally uprooting substantial metals and compound poisons from the body.

Braces the Immune System

Catechins in Sencha Green Tea have been proved to have anti-infection properties which advance general wellbeing. Furthermore, only one dish of Sencha Green Tea gives generous amounts of Potassium, Vitamins A and C, Iron, Protein, and Calcium. Sencha may be able to restrain the assaults of HIV on human T-cells. It’s no secret that a well-balanced diet that few Super foods can help reduce the risks of various cancers and may help to cope with. Such products are the scientists say, it has a strong cancer fighting properties Sencha. Sencha Cancer Research, recently, it’s important that new research is being conducted as a confirmation Sencha cancer can stop tumor growth of pancreatic cancer-related effectively to be, and may also be effective in treating breast cancer. A study carry out in June 2011, showed that nutrition in Sencha in its acidic juice can effectively reduce the growth of breast cancer cells in most women without actually affecting the healthy cells repress. In addition, Sencha extract reduced tumor growth significantly. Sencha Cancer Research, the later held at the Cancer Center Memorial in Sloan-Kettering, and even more health benefits were actually found Sencha. These benefits include very strong anti-viral properties.

Sencha Cancer Treatment: Is it effective?

As mentioned, there are many other cold drinks and products which are used to combat cancer. The Consumption of Sencha in a normal diet can reduce various types of cancer. Therefore the link between cancer and Sencha cannot be ignored, and research against cancer have shown Sencha properties can effectively cancerous cells.

Researchers who focus more on cancer therapy, including colorectal cancer, lung cancer, gastric, and others, have verified the benefit of the tea to the patients. In addition, Sencha can be included in regular diet to help to improve your health.

Enhances Cholesterol

Specialists aren’t totally sure how Sencha Green Tea has such a constructive outcome on cholesterol. However, studies have demonstrated that individuals who drink Match Green Tea lower their cholesterol levels.

Astonishing Flavour

Drinking something on the grounds that it’s tasty can be a great deal unlike gulping pharmaceuticals. Luckily, drinking Sencha can be as normal tea but does not require sugar, milk, or lemon to make it tasteful. Sencha is totally awesome independent of all those additives. Its fresh vegetative notes are complimented by the appetizing taste of the L-Theanine amino, making Sencha a tea that is really remarkable inside and out. So sit back, unwind, and appreciate a delectable serve of health.

Tea Culture in Japan

Japanese people have a ceremony that they conduct known as the tea ceremony. This ceremony is known as Chanoyu. It is also known as Ocha or Sado too. In this ceremony, the main focus is on process of preparing and finally serving tea. Sencha tea can be described as Japanese green tea and it is known as Matcha. When a person is preparing the tea for this ceremony, they are required to put all their heart and soul into the movements required to prepare the tea. Chanoyu ceremony is less about Matcha tea and more about the process of preparing and serving it. Preparation of the tea is judged by attending guests. They observe everything, including how utensils are placed during the ceremony. The main guests are known as Shokyaku. Read on to learn more about Matcha ceremony and culture in Japan.

History of the tea culture in Japan

Chinese people have been drinking tea since the fourth century. There was no tea in Japan until some seeds were brought from China into Japan in the Tang dynasty. This was between 618 – 907. During this period, trade relations between the two countries were very good. In the eighth century, a book on how to prepare tea was found in China. A Buddhist from that country had written a book called ‘Cha Ching’. It detailed how to prepare the best tea. This book served as a guideline for the tea ceremonies of Japan in years to come.

Japanese tea ceremonies

There are many types of tea ceremonies in Japan. They are distinguished from each other according to the season that they are conducted. One of these is the popular dawn tea ceremony. It is conducted in winter season and is known as ‘Akatsuki no chaji‘ among the Japanese. This ceremony is normally held in the very early morning during a winter day. The guests in this ceremony perform it so as to enjoy the sunrise from the tea room. The Japanese enjoy watching the sunlight filter through the windows of the room and illuminate the utensils. This is the joy of the Akatsuki no chaji tea ceremony.

Yuuzari no chaji‘ is a Matcha ceremony that is conducted in the warm months of the year. This ceremony is held at dusk. As such, during the ceremony, the guests can enjoy sunlight turning into candle light. In this early evening tea ceremony, Japanese people enjoy feeling the normal world is fading away and a candle-lit fantasy world of tea begin.

The summer early morning Matcha ceremony. This ceremony is held during the summer in Japan. Known as ‘Asa-cha‘, it is conducted in a cool morning hours of the day. They prefer to hold it at this time because the charcoal heats up the brazier so much that it can become unbearable for the person preparing the tea. As such, the ceremony is held mostly in the morning when atmospheric temperatures are cooler.

The Shoburo tea ceremony. This is a tea ceremony that is conducted to mark the beginning use of a brazier. This is done in the New Year of the tea. In the modern calendar, this is in the month of May. It is usually a very ceremonious occasion.

Kuchikiri no chaji is a tea ceremony that is held to celebrate the opening up of a brand new jar of tea. It is conducted in November. This is also an important tea ceremony. It can even be considered the most important tea ceremony. This is because the spring tea leaf harvest is placed in a jar and kept in a cool environment. In ancient Japanese times, this jar was stored underground or in the nearby mountains. This was conducted so as to make it cool. And Around the 7th or 8th of November, this jar is unearthed and opened to reveal the harvest. The new tea leaves are then used to prepare tea. This ceremony also known as the breaking of the seal is momentous and involves a meal known as Kiocha or Usucha. During this period, renovation of the house and fences is conducted. The bamboo around the fences and also the gutters is replaced. Moreover, the sliding screen doors known as ‘Shoji‘ are papered again. The ceremony goes on for about 4 hours and featured thin and thick tea as well as Kaiseki cuisine. The tea culture in Japan is revered and is a huge facet of their society.

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